shake shack: philadelphia

I’ve been to the original Shake Shack at Madison Square Park in New York City a few times. Confession: It has been about two years since I last went. Luckily for me, a Philadelphia location opened recently and I’ve been twice now. I remember enjoying Shake Shack, but it’s been so long that I don’t remember if it was worthy of all the hype.

On one visit, I ordered a double SmokeShack, a new menu item consisting of the LaFrieda Angus beef, Niman Ranch applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, chopped cherry peppers, and ShackSauce. The burgers were cooked well, with spots of medium. Holy crap, did it taste good. It was super juicy and cheesy. The cherry peppers added a pleasant contrasting tartness to each bite. It’s one of the messier burgers I’ve had recently, but it’s all worth it when you taste it.

Every day they offer a special custard flavor of the day. The Saturday that I went’s feature flavor was “Coffee & Donuts”, featuring Philly’s own Federal Donuts. I was able to try this too, which tasted great.

On my most recent visit, I tried the Shack Stack, a combination of the Cheeseburger and ‘Shroom Burger in one. It was made up of LaFrieda Angus beef, ShackSauce, a muenster & cheddar stuffed, fried portobello mushroom, lettuce, and tomato. This was delicious. It had the texture and taste of having a mozzarella stick on a burger. I don’t think I’d get this over a SmokeShack in the future though, that one is just too damn good.

The Philly location also has some unique Philly inspired concretes. They have the Center City Pretzel which features pieces of a Philly soft pretzel and the Rittenhouse squared, which features LaColombe cofee beans, and the Liberty Shell, which features Termini Bros. cannoli shell. These are currently on my to eat list.

Beer-wise, you could get a pint of Brooklyn Brewery’s specially brewed ShackMeister Ale!

I think Shake Shack is worthy of some hype. They definitely don’t have the best fries in the city in my opinion, but they certainly have some of the tastiest burgers in the city!

Shake Shack
2000 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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