slow bar – slowburger

The next burger on the Portland itinerary was the Slowburger from Slow Bar in Southeast Portland. The Slowburger consists of a 1/2 lb. Painted Hills beef patty, gruyere, onion rings, butter lettuce, and pickle relish. It’s served on a toasted, soft, sesame-seeded bun alongside handcut fries.

This experience wasn’t the greatest, but I could see its potential to be an awesome burger. All the ingredients made for a really tasty burger. I enjoyed the tanginess from the relish and the crunchiness of the onion rings. The handcut fries were also very good. What killed it was the meat which was just cooked to well when I asked medium-rare.

By no means is this burger bad. It just has some temperature issues. If I lived out West, I’d definitely like to give the Slowburger another shot.

Slow Bar
533 SE Grand Ave.
Portland, OR 97214

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