flavors of the avenue/crafty balboa

Last Saturday in South Philly was the Flavors of the Avenue food festival and Crafty Balboa craft/art show. East Passyunk Avenue was closed between Tasker and Morris Street for the events. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I had a great time!

Flavors of the Avenue was held in a tent at the south end (which was a bummer since it was so beautiful out). There were tables set up all around the perimeter and several South Philly restaurants participated as well as a few wine and beer tables. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat as much as I had intended. I just wasn’t that hungry. Some of the food I did have was pretty tasty though.

Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar had Philadelphia Brewing Company’s Newbold IPA and Fleur de Lehigh, their spring/summer seasonal on tap.

Crafty Balboa was held on the north end of EPA right by Tasker Street. Many tables were set up with everyone selling all sorts of different arts and crafts. There were a lot of neat and interesting stuff for sale…from baby oneies to plush toys to t-shirts to prints.

Aaron Takes Pictures, by Aaron Weber. See more of his stuff here.

Exit 343 Design, by Steph Harvey. See more of her stuff here.

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