local 44 – buffalo tofu hoagie

Lent is over and I’m back to not having any dietary restrictions, so it may be shocking that my first post after Lent is about another meatless dish I consumed. The buffalo tofu hoagie at Local 44 in West Philly was one of the tastiest things I had during my fast.

The buffalo tofu hoagie is a vegan take on a buffalo chicken sandwich. It’s made up of chicken fried tofu, brown sugar chipotle glaze, celery remoulade, and green onions. The fried tofu had a crisp, glazed outside, with a soft interior while the remoulade imitated blue cheese quite well, as the texture was similar. It was served on a fresh roll and accompanied with a generous amount of delicious fries.

Local 44 has a great tap list as well as other carnivorous food if vegan/vegetarian fare isn’t a draw for you. Definitely looking forward to my next visit.

Local 44
4333 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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the food trust night market 2011

Last Thursday, The Food Trust held their second annual night market. This year, it was held in University City and featured a beer garden for Philly Beer Week. Several food trucks and vendors lined the perimeter of the parking lot while the beer stands and other restaurants had tables in the center.

smoked kielbasa

I showed up an hour from opening and several food trucks/vendors already had some pretty long lines. The pops and sis waited in the line for Guapos Tacos, the longest line there, while I wandered around to find some other stuff to try.

blt hot dog

The Dapper Dog‘s menu caught my eye and I immediately waited in line as soon as I saw their menu. I ordered a BLT hot dog with spicy mayo and smoked kielbasa with jalapeno relish & spicy mayo. Both of these were pretty damn good.

Tyson Bees had a good line forming as well. Later on in the evening I was able to enjoy a pork belly bun during the torrential downpour.

chipotle short rib tacos

Thanks to the pop and sis, I did get to try Guapos Tacos. Don’t hate on me too much, but I thought they were just alright. The green chile chicken left me hanging as I felt that it needed much more. The carnitas and short rib tacos were quite delicious though.

carnitas tacos

I heard that last year’s was pretty hectic and vendors even ran out of food. I think the night market was organized pretty well this year. If the thunderstorm didn’t come, I would have been able to hang out and eat a lot more! I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s.

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After months of bugging, I finally gave in to my friend’s request to join him for dinner at Kabobeesh, a Pakistani kabob restaurant in University City, Philadelphia. He lives nearby, and for good reason, he loves this place! After dinner, I totally understood why…the food was delicious!

several meats to choose from

assorted veggies and sides

We came straight after a long day inspecting bridges, so we were really hungry. Took me a little bit to figure out what I wanted cause there were a bunch of different kabobs to choose from.

chicken samosas w/ cilantro sauce

I’ve never had samosas, so I have nothing to compare these to. Though, I will say I found them to be quite tasty. They (as well as the main dishes) come with a side of this green cilantro/chili sauce.

lamb kabob w/ lentils & squash

My main dish was the lamb kabob (surprised?) with sides of lentils and squash. Friend went with chicken and a side of chickpeas. The guy gave me two sides since he saw my excitement while ordering. He knew I was a Kabobeesh newbie hehe.

chicken kabob w/ chickpeas

The dishes are also served with freshly made naan! They were seriously piping hot when they came to the table.

fresh naan

Dinner was very delicious and filling. Loved the lamb, but I enjoyed the lentils just as much…if not more? I would totally come back even if it were just for the lentils over rice.

Looking forward to my next meal at Kabobeesh! Next time I hope to try the Tandoori chicken.

Anyone else gone before? What do you think?

4201 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Kabobeesh on Urbanspoon

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a&m halal

I’m a huge falafel fan, and after hearing about A&M Halal from three sources (friend of mine who went to Drexel, Foobooz, and Food Network’s ‘Best Thing I Ever Ate’), I wanted to try this when I got a chance.

falafel sandwich

Luckily for me, I was in University City to check out a bridge recently and my partner was more than happy to try another falafel place for lunch. He ordered the falafel sandwich, which had falafel, lettuce, tomato, onions, and sriracha wrapped in a pita. It may have had some tahini or hummus as well.

falafel omelette sandwich

The falafel omelette sandwich is what I read about and what sparked my interest in the first place. I love eggs and falafel individually, but together? This could be interesting.

Nestled in a fresh hoagie roll was an omelette, falafel, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and sriracha. I took one bite and was impressed. Definitely tasty. I still prefer the traditional pita falafel sandwich, but this is definitely a delicious alternative and worth coming out to try if you haven’t had it!

Best part besides being good eats? The woman is super friendly and gives you samples of falafel while you wait for your food to be cooked AND both sandwiches were only $4 each!

A&M Halal
Drexel University Campus
Corner of Ludlow Street & S. 31st Street
Philadelphia, PA

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Distrito is one of the restaurants I’ve always wanted to go to, but never attempted to go…until I heard they were starting weekend brunch. The atmosphere was comfy and full of pinata-ish colors (green, white, blue, (primarily pink). I sat right next to the bar on one of the long wraparound wicker “benches”.

I started the morning off with some horchata, something I’ve been wanting to try for for a while now. Definitely enjoyed it. It was just sweet enough and nothing too strong that I had to chase with a water afterwards. Not that I have tasted previous horchatas to compare to though… I also got to try some of the Ojo Rojo, a drink consisting of coffee, mexican hot chocolate, patron xo, whipped cream, and caramel. THAT was pretty damn good.

We ordered Nachos Ignacio as our appetizer. My main entree was the huevos rancheros. Around the table the following was ordered:

enchiladas de pollo

breakfast burrito

steak & (scrambled) eggs


I really enjoyed my huevos rancheros. They’re definitely some of the best I’ve had…soooo tasty! I got to try a little bit of everything at the table and they were all great. The one that really stuck out besides my huevos were the torrijas. The torrijas is a tres leches french toast. I’m a sucker for tres leches and the toast was delicious and had a texture similar to a churro but a couple steps lower on the crispy scale (a good, not bad thing in my book). It almost made me wish I ordered it, though I rarely order the sweet things for breakfast.

huevos rancheros

For the last dessert course:

side of platano y crema


tres leches

Distrito’s take on the sweet plaintain was interesting. It was served with a little bit of refried beans and some queso fresco. The plantain was sweet and mixed with the beans and cheese definitely made for an interesting flavor but it was good.

The Tres Leches cake was ridiculous. Could have been my favorite dish throughout the whole meal. The flavor was delicate and had that “just right” feeling to it. I could (and maybe would) eat SO much of this if I had the opportunity.

Definitely want to go back already…anyone wanna join?

Check out full brunch menu here

3945 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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